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The gentlemen who are illustrated and characterized on this page, differ in many ways. The most striking may notice that there is also a Nazi named Rohm among them. This person is so amazing: It represents outward a party who pursues a mistaken lawn doctrine, so also condemns homosexuality and himself. His homosexuality should be a death sentence for him so well.

August Bebel

  •      born 1840 in Cologne
  •      died 1913 in Passugg (Switzerland)
  •      SPD politician

August Bebel was a founder of the SPD. He was already in front of it earned in the labor movement. He was one of the co-designer of the Erfurt Programme (1891). Due to its eminently important role in the labor movement No. 1 was August Bebel of Chancellor Bismarck declared enemy of the state and imprisoned several times.
Bebel made​​, inter alia, to strongly for a more liberal version of § 175 and signed directed by WHK in October 1898 the Prussian Ministry of Justice petition.
         August Bebel, a German social policy
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Magnus Hirschfeld

  • born14/05/1868in Kolobrzeg(Kolberg)
  • died05/14/1935in Nice
  • Physicians,Sexualfoscherandreformer

Hirschfeld studied philosophy and philology, but later doctor. At its 29 He founded birthday with Max Spohr, Franz Josef and Eduard von Bülow Oberg 1897, the "Scientific and Humanitarian committee" (WHK). The goal was the abolition of § 175, the Hirschfeld devoted his life again and again.

1899, the Committee began with the publication of the "Yearbook of sexual intermediates," the first work to extensively deals with themes of homosexuality.

In 1914, Hirschfeld published his book "The man and the woman homosexuality". In the years 1921-1923 Hirschfeld was repeatedly victims of attacks.


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Klaus Mann

  • born 18.11.1906 in Munich
  • died 21/05/1949 in Cannes
  • Schritsteller , actor

Klaus Mann , the eldest son of Thomas Mann and Katja Pringsheim , attended the school from 1912 to 1923 , but received no degree.

In 1923 he met Pamela Wedekind , with whom he became engaged in 1924 .

In 1925 Klaus Mann's first novel, " The pious dance " in which he also admits his homosexuality openly .

1932 published his man autobiographical work " child of this age ," the course of his life and the problems with drugs and daruas resulting dependence and his suicidal thoughts, which is clearly the first time this time shows .

With the coming to power of the Nazis , Klaus Mann chooses exile . After a brief time in Paris , he moved to Amsterdam. He is from Sepember 1933 together with Fritz Landshoff the exile magazine " The Collection " out , with whom he is fighting against fascism and exiled intellectuals offers a forum . For the magazine , he won among others J. R. Cup , Joseph Roth , Brecht, Trotsky et al

1934 man is stripped of his German citizenship, he is Czech citizens . In 1938 he emigrated permanently to the United States . There he gives 1941/42, the magazine "The Decision" out , with whom he also fights for another Germany .

1941 occurs in the U.S. Army. In 1942, he is continuing his autobiography out : " The Turning Point" ( The Turning Point ) . This work also reveals a lot about Klaus Mann and clearly shows his death wish. The next time man spends as a journalist for the Army newspaper "Stars and Stripes" .

After the war breaks a difficult time for man : his critical statements against America because of the struggle against the USSR and some failures in new literary works provide mockery and malice at the German Bevökerung and the press. Man withdraws and lonely more and more . On 21/05/1949 he takes Cannes by an overdose of sleeping pills life.


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Freddie Mercury

  • born 05/09/1946 in Zanzibar
  • died 11/24/1991 in London
  • singer

Freddie Mercury, the whose real name was Farrokh Bulsara , came at the age of one year ( 1947) with his parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsaranach to India. He attended a boarding school in Panchgani ( near Bombay). In 1963 his family moved to England. In 1966, began with a study graphic design .

Already during her studies discovered Freddie his love for music . He already committed to more or less successful in some bands. He learns also Staffell Tim and Roger Taylor know that already celebrating with her band "Smile " successes . Freddie intensified his contact with Roger . 1970 rising from Tim , Freddie takes on the role of the singer. At the same time, he changes his name to "Mercury" . With the arrival of John Deacon in 1971, the new band "Queen" is complete.

Over the next 20 years, Freddie Mercury celebrating a success after another with his band. The hits include " A Night At The Opera " (1975) , " A Day At the Races " (1976) , "News Of The World" (1977 ) , "Live Killers " (1979) , the soundtrack of "Flash Gordon" (1980 ) , "The Works " (1984) , " A Kind Of Magic " (1986) , "The Miracle " (1989) and " Innuendo " (1991) .

Even with his solo career Freddie Mercury celebrated successes. Together with Monserrat Caballé sang some well-known songs, including "Barcelona" and many others

Privately, Freddie Mercury was a colorful figure : his party were again imer topic in the newspapers. There were rumors that the singer was bisexual.

In the last years of his life , however, it became quiet around Mercury . The signs that something is not right, were becoming clearer. One day before his death, Mercury announced that he was suffering from AIDS. Freddie Mercury died on 24.11.1991 .


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Ernst Röhm

  • born 11.28.1887 in Munich
  • died 07.01.1934 in München- Stadel Home
  • Member of the Nazi Party, leader of the SA

Ernst Röhm resigned after graduating from high school in the military. It was used during the First World War several times on the Western Front and repeatedly violated. At the end of the war he attained the rank of captain.

After the war he was chief of staff of the city commandant of Munich. In 1920 he joined the Nazi Party. In 1921 he was appointed as Reichswehr General Staff officer. After the failure of the Hitler Putsch in Munich (1923 ) Ernst Roehm was fired as of involved coup leader of the Reichswehr and sentenced in April 1924 to 15 months imprisonment on probation.

In the same year Röhm built on the SA , but he resigned after disputes with Hitler in 1925 from his position as SA leader back .

1931 Röhm was asked by Hitler to take back the leadership of the SA . Efforts Roehm , the SA build the elite unit of the people's militia , triggered a conflict between the SA and the SS : off ( line Heinrich Himmler ) .

Hitler had Roehm on 30 June 1934 arrest along with other SA leaders . The pretext of the " Röhm - Putsch " Hitler used to eliminate many opponents and dissidents .

Röhm was on 1 July 1934 murdered in Munich-Stadelheim of SS- leaders.

According to some sources Rohm was gay. He never tried to keep his homosexuality secret. He was a member of the organization " Federation of Human Rights " ( FOM ) in the 20s. His homosexuality was 1931 by the press. After the events on 1 July 1934 served Röhm's homosexuality Hitler as a pretext to justify numerous murders.


Biography : Ernst Rohm, 1887-1934
Elmar Kraushaar , 100 years gay

Andy Warhol

  • born 06/08/1928 in Pittsburgh
  • died 2/22/1987 in New York City
  • Pop artist , film producer, painter,

Life begins Warhol's mysterious. The place of his birth as well as the exact date of birth is unknown.

After completing his college education , he studied at the " Painting and Design Department " of the " Carnegie Institute of Technology " . He worked as a commercial artist and illustrator e

1957 Warhol received his first award . In 1959 he first exhibited work at the Bodley Gallery.

In 1961, he began with works of art , the " Pop Art " made ​​him one of the leaders of the generation. Some works have been exhibited at the Janis Gallery .

Mid-60s , he founded the "Factory" , a kind art community that dealt with the marketing verscheidener products.

1966 gave Warhol painting and devoted himself to the films with which he began in 1963 . Well-known works are " Kiss" (1963 ) , " Eat" (1964 ) , "Sleep" (1964 ) and others. "Chelsea Girls" (1966 /67) was a great success. The movie themed group sex, drugs , homosexuality. Warhol was also a producer of the film " Flesh" (1969 ) is known, which dealt with homosexuality and male prostitution.

On 03/06/1968 Warhol is shot down by the women's rights activist Valerie Solanas. In the same year (1968), Warhol's novel " a", the protocol of a day in the life of transvestites Ondine appears.

In 1971 Warhol published his play " Pork " , which will be premiered in London.

In the following years veröffenlichte Warhol more books : " The Philosophy of Andy Warhol " (1975) and " The POPism Warhol 's 60s . " (1980) .

In subsequent years, Warhol turned back to the painting. 1985 Warhol had a guest appearance in the TV series " The Love Boat " in which he played a freaky filmmaker.

Warhol died on 22.02.1987 due to heart failure. Immediately before, he had undergone a gall bladder operation .


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