Dienstag, 16. Juli 2024
Dienstag, 16. Juli 2024
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Pride Hamburg eV presents this year's CSD campaign

Under the motto " LIMITLESS PROUD INSTEAD EXCLUDED " HAMBURG PRIDE 2014 reiterates its call for legal equality of LGBTTQI community. The club yet is aware that legal equality is only one step in the direction of perfect (societal ) acceptance. Against the background of recent developments , such as in Russia and Uganda, would like to Hamburg Pride eV his solidarity and support for other countries emphasize and demonstrate that not only in their own country - or in your own town - still prevail prejudice against the LGBTTQI Society ; partly associated with serious legal restrictions on the persons who publicly their sexual orientation or gender identity. At the end of last year, club members developed from Hamburg eV Pride and other representatives of the community the slogan with which the HAMBURG PRIDE presents this year from 25 July to 3 August 2014.

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CSD 2014 in Hamburg

Asfromunconfirmedsourceswasto learn,noCSDGalatakes place this yearunfortunately.

Reason isthemiddleof 2014needs to reduceits tentstheevent tent"temporary structures"andmove to anotherlocation.