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Mittwoch, 17. April 2024
Mittwoch, 17. April 2024
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The Christopher Street Day takes us to the Stonewall bar on Christopher Street in New York in the 60s. At that time it was customary for the police in New York " milieu" raids more often performed . . Including on June 28, 1969 , but this time the ritual was different: the felted guests - lesbians and gay men - disappeared after the raid, not as it was usually the case , but gathered on the street to their displeasure with the procedure to bring the police to express . This in turn prompted the police to ask for reinforcements.  At this time there was still a fairly peaceful mood, which was soon to change. The attempt of individual police officers to make arrests , escalated the situation : Slices were smashed , police cars were demolished , pelted police with horse dung , some included in the Stonewall bar. After that, the bar went up in flames . After 45 minutes, the police had - more staff - the situation under control . This forced lesbians and gay men to retreat.

With this event,

a new gay and lesbian movement was born . In the following days, gays and lesbians gathered again in Christopher Street to protest against what happened. Again and again there were clashes with the police. The conservative gay organizations distanced themselves outraged by the fighting spirit and the militancy of this new movement . This established that same week, the Gay Liberation Front ( GLF ) . The name , expressed their solidarity with the struggle of the Vietnamese people against the United States from ( " National Liberation Front of Vietnam "); their slogan " Gay Power " recalled "Black Power" , the slogan of Black America. The GLF saw himself as part of a large movement against the oppression of blacks , women, Indians and hippies. The GLF increasingly gained in its function as an organ and advocacy of gays and lesbians in importance , conservative organizations were thus relegated to extras. In the aftermath created dozens of homosexual groups with different areas of interest . Despite all the differences and splits the " gay community " is no longer an integral part of public life today.

Soon woke

the movement in Germany, where in 1997 the first gay organization had been founded. Against the background of this tradition and inspired by the student protest movement many homosexual groups have been established, which took up the struggle for social recognition. The focus was long the liberalization of the Penal Code, in particular the elimination of § 175 In the 80s, then came the discussion of AIDS to the leading German AIDS Help in Berlin establishing the first AIDS support and the umbrella organization. Thus, the achievements of the sexual liberation could be secured and expanded. Looking at the achievements to date and in order to achieve overall social acceptance, gather every year still to June 28 around the world gays and lesbians in order to give expression to their interests and to commemorate the revolt of 1969.