Dienstag, 16. Juli 2024
Dienstag, 16. Juli 2024
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Majority of diversity - The choice is yours!

Press release from Hamburg Pride e.V.

The Hamburg Grabarz and partners visualized this year's theme and gave the same motif more than just a face. In the name Rubikuss baptized , shows the CSD Visual 2013 a Rubik's cube , in which the individual elements ( themselves ) have been provided kissing faces. The cube is symbolic of many choices and thus provide for diversity. Special feature: Grabarz and partners has cast are not professional models, but awarded the job to the Hamburg community. The 26 persons depicted are a diverse cross -section of the LGBTIQ community and "Friends" . Message of the campaign is yet to not be able to choose who you kisses ; the design communicates a charming way that each individual from the community - whether hetero - , homo-, bi- or Transsexual - can make decisions and must , which can lead to greater diversity in everyday life , but of course also in professional life or sports club.

Who has the choice to be spoiled ?

That this need not be as always , is another key message of this year's campaign. Although Pride Hamburg eV speaks from no choice recommendation, but still want to use the year of the general election as a platform to give more expression to his demands . When choosing the interests of each even should be in the foreground, but also the rights and interests of the community are key reasons that can lead to either the relevant decision. " To what extent can stand a majority of diversity , we could currently observe in our neighboring country France President Hollande made ​​the legal equality of homosexual couples to a campaign promise , to which it then - . Despite protests and counter-demonstrations - has held ," said Marc -Pierre Hoeft the further idea behind the subject.

For the first time the campaign as part of the city is hard to see in Hamburg St. Georg , which takes place on 25 and 26 May 2013. Subsequently, the subject comes in various advertising media used. Plans include print ads and banner ads , as well as City Light Poster in the Hamburg area . This outdoor advertising is sponsored by JCDecaux , as in 2011 and 2012.

Under the motto "majority of diversity - The choice is yours!" calls the HAMBURG PRIDE 2013 the legal equality of LGBTQI community; a requirement which is also relevant in the next federal election in September 2013. At the end of last year, club members developed from Hamburg Pride eV and other representatives of the community the slogan with which the HAMBURG PRIDE presents this year from July 27 to August 4, 2013.