Montag, 27. Mai 2024
Montag, 27. Mai 2024
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CSD Hamburg 2012: Marriage 2.0 - After the duties now the rights "

The CSD Hamburg 2012, the demand for the opening of marriage to homosexual couples in the focus. This should be referred to the misconception that the registered civil partnership - colloquially as " gay marriage " called - lesbian and gay couples can get married though , but they are not the same rights as heterosexual couples .

" This discrimination based on sexual orientation has already criticized the Federal Constitutional Court and asked the legislators to end discrimination ," said Dr. Lars Peters , First Chairman of CSD - Verein Hamburg Pride eV " This can be done by opening up the marriage done for homosexuals or any relevant amendments to the Civil Partnership Act . In any case, after that we have a more modern and equitable marriage, just a marriage 2.0. "

The focus of the Hamburg CSD 2012 on this topic is also in line with the demands and activities of the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany , LSVD . "We hope to exercise by the concerted action next year even more pressure on the matter to the policy and thus to speed up the legislative process," said Peters.

Several countries have already opened the marriage for homosexuals , thus eliminating the discrimination. In addition to general liberal countries like the Netherlands , Sweden or Canada , this includes Catholic Spain .

The motto " Marriage 2.0 - After the duties of the rights now " was drawn up on 9 October by nearly 30 members of the CSD Hamburg Pride Association and representatives of the gay and lesbian community in the Hanseatic city. Based on this motto a communication campaign will be developed in the near future , which will launch in spring 2012.

The CSD Hamburg 2012 will take place from July 28 to August 5 ; the political parade winds on August 4 by the Hamburg city center.

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